360 Degree Feedback Tool

Measure the Performance of Employee and Organization

Workplace Performance

360 degree feedback software

Increase workplace performance and self awareness through 360 degree feedback system. Its perfect tool to analyze the company growth and retain genuine employees of the company. It will collect and report private and secured feedback from an individual's peers, managers, team leads within office and even and vendors and clients.

Employee Appraisal

employee appraisal software

Its difficult to make traditional employee appraisal by verbal interaction and moreover you will not be able to make judgements leading to effective results. We offer a customized employee performance feedback analysis tool that will help you make the employee performance survey with customized questions and responses for every individual employee

Performance Survey

360 degree feedback tool

It allows Each individual employee to understand how he his performing and how effectively he/ she is viewed by others. This feedback process provides feedback based on behavior that other coworker can see. It's really starting point in the performance survey of employees. It will help organization to measure the performance of employee

Benefits of 360 Feedback


Get Multiple sources of feedback

Graphical Analytics

Find out what others think of you with graphical analytics

Performance Rating

Personal and organizational developmental with performance rating of individual, team, depeartments as whole.

Feedback Gathering

Subscription based service pay as you use, number of users involved in feedback gathering.


Secured and non-disclosable feedbacks make the system trustworthy.


Improved customer service.

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