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Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) Overview

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads is a Digital Marketing Service where we place ads on digital platforms across various networks where an advertiser pays a fee each time a user clicks the ad.

Businesses make use of Pay-Per-Click Ads services for many reasons. PPC campaigns provide immediate results as the ads are visible to the target audience at the top slots of search engine result pages. It enables targeting specific demographics, locations, behavior, and interests. PPC Ads provides control over the budget as we can set daily or monthly budgets, and we can also set the maximum amount ready to spend per click. The reports for the PPC campaign received from the data and analytics help us to track and measure our efforts, and it will be helpful to make informed decisions.

Why choose us

Expertise and Experience

We have an experienced team at Eneblur Consulting, as we have expertise in creating and managing successful PPC campaigns. We are determined to deliver optimal results for our clients.

Cost Optimization

We optimize for keywords and implement efficient bidding strategies to improve return on investment. We work to get the most out of the PPC campaigns for better conversions.


At Eneblur Consulting, we are open to communication with the clients and provide detailed information about the reports on the progress, insights, and amount spent on the PPC campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click Ads Working Process

At the point when you pick our PPC management services for your online promotions, you get a reliable solution to develop, manage, and improve your PPC strategy. Our PPC campaign management service capitalizes on your goals by considering every detail possible. Get a preview of what our PPC campaign management service includes:

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

We conduct a complete market analysis of your product and service by analyzing monthly search volumes, ad copy, and creatives of your local competitor's currently running ads.

Custom ad

Custom ads

We work to find the best keywords your consumers are using to find your business by conducting various split tests on ad copies and creatives that work with having a cost-per-lead goal in mind.

Tracking and Analytics

Tracking and Analytics

We analyze and measure the behavior of your landing page by tracking the click-through rate and average ad position by attributing the revenue of each paid campaign.

Advertising on multiple platforms

Advertising on multiple platforms

We run ads on platforms like Google ads, GMB ads, or social media marketing campaigns like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube with different re-marketing campaigns

Take your business to new heights with the optimized Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns at Eneblur Consulting. We are determined to maximize your ROI, drive targeted traffic and boost conversion. Contact us now to get ahead in the competition and dominate the digital landscape.

Different types of PPC services

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Search ads are a form of online advertising that appear on search engine result pages when users perform a search on relevant keywords. Here advertisers bid for keywords to display their ads on the top slot of SERP.

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Display Ads

A display ad is an online advertisement that uses visual elements such as images, graphics, and videos to display ads on websites, mobile applications, and other digital platforms to increase brand awareness and promotional purposes.

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Social Media Ads

Social ads are designed to be displayed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It can be in image or video format to generate leads, engage the audience, or gain followers.

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App Installs

App Installs are a type of PPC ad where advertisers focus on driving more installs for a specific mobile application. The goal here is dependable on installs or to install the app and create a profile in the respective app.

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Video Ads Campaign

A video ad campaign focuses on advertising products, services, or brands through video content created and distributed across various platforms to reach and engage the audience.

When to use PPC for Businesses
New Business Launch: To introduce your products or services to the customers and generate immediate leads, visibility, and targeted traffic, businesses use PPC services.
Seasonal Dependency: Businesses make use of PPC services for sales that are dependable on particular seasons, festivals, and time-limited offers or for special promotions.
High Competition: In a highly competitive business environment, it is tough to generate organic traffic. PPC is used to secure top ad placements, ensuring visitors to your business.
Brand Awareness: It is suitable for newly launched businesses or products, setting the primary goal for brand awareness, used for branding, increasing visibility, and reach.
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