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Every business tries promoting its business through means of print, radio, television or other mediums available. In the Digital era these traditional ways may not be so popular anymore as the shift to use technology more and more nowadays is becoming evident.

If you have an event coming up for your business and want to reach more people, use creatives done digitally to share on whatsapp status, Facebook wall, Instagram, twitter and other popular social channels.

The flyers appeal to all people as everyone uses smartphones these days, and promoting on WhatsApp status and social media will not only create a constant branding presence for your business, but also ensure a wide network reach. There are multiple ways of sharing a digital flyer, Instead of going to a physical location and handing out flyers to passersby, sharing your digital flyer on your website, social media platforms or even sending it to your email list makes more sense, as you save on multiple resources and logistics.

Digital Flyer Package Description

We have an attractive offer for you!

Eneblur consulting seeing the opportunity with Digital flyers has made a package it offers to its clients where 20 flyers annually can be created based on the request and calendar days. The annual package of 20 flyers costs just Rs. 5000/-, making it very attractive option to Small and medium enterprises, micro businesses and even individual business owners.

Looking for a custom digital flyers ? Feel free to share your details based on your volume, we will quote a custom price offer for digital flyers package.

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Advantages of Digital Flyers

Printed flyers usually have a specific size. Digital flyers don’t necessarily respect a certain size and can be portable to desktop / mobile.
Digital flyers can be more engaging and make your audience interact with your flyer. And you will know who has seen and responded back.
Digital flyers’ distribution process is just a few clicks away, and it can be done within minutes.
Digital flyers are cost-effective, with freedom of creativity and expressing your brand impression.
Going digital with your flyers communication will make your life easier, as you will have access to tracking their performance and, therefore, improve your marketing strategy.
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Digital Flyer Clients

Tile Longue
Sewakram Groups
BNI Hubli Dharwad
Aragi Enterprises
BNI Pioneers
Ramesh Lites
Hardware Central
BNI Icons

How Flyer Communication Impacts Your Business

We advise our clients not to put out a flyer just because everyone else is doing it. We sit with them and understand their clear goal they want to accomplish, such as generating new leads, driving people to your website, producing sales, etc. This communication with digital strategy produces meaningful results.

When a flyer goes frequently with your logo, address and a clear message, it creates a constant impact on viewer, so businesses tend to send out flyers when they have event, product launch, product portfolio, memes etc. The other traditional ways include wishing your clients and network on festivals, important calendar days.

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What our clients have to say

Our Experience with having flyer package has been awesome and we get regular creatives done by Eneblur Team

Vaibhav Jain
Hardware Central Hubli

Our flyer communication with our customers and network is very effective, we are able to successfully use digital medium with the help of Eneblur Creative Team

Karan Agrawal
CEO | Sewakram Realty

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